Factors Contributing to Academic, Social/Communication, and Behavioral Outcomes for Elementary Students with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities

Dole Building

This project will engage in primary data collection to explore the impact of educational placement (a malleable factor that can be changed by the education system) on academic, social/communication, and behavioral outcomes for elementary students with significant cognitive disabilities (SCD), as well as mediators and moderators of the relationship between placement and outcomes. Research is needed that explores the outcomes of diverse educational placements. Such research has the potential to more clearly elucidate the relationship between placement and outcomes, leading to the identification of systems-level policies and practices and student and classroom-level mediators and moderators, such as intensity and quality of instruction, that are effective for improving the education and outcomes for students with SCD.

Project details

  • Principle Investigator: Jennifer Kurth

  • Project start Date: 07/01/2018

  • Project finish Date: 06/30/2022



  • US Department of Education

  • Award Number: R324A180024