Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities


Karrie Shogren
Director, KUCDD
  • Self-determination assessment and intervention 
  • Strengths-based approaches to understanding disability 
  • Supported decision making 
  • Contextual analysis 
Jessica Schuttler
Site Director, KUCDD-KU Medical Center Campus
  • Experiences of and supports for females with autism and developmental disabilities
  • Social emotional health and disability
  • Interdisciplinary training and practice
David Lindeman
Site Director, KUCDD-Parsons Campus
  • Personnel development/inservice training and technical assistance for early childhood programs
  • Development of early intervention for infants and preschool children
  • Administration and provision of early intervention and preschool services
Evan Dean
Associate Director of Community Services
  • Career design and transition for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Decisional supports and supported decision making
  • Participation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Tyler Hicks
Director of Quantitative Methodology
  • Bayesian approaches to modeling data for clinical trials with reduced sample sizes
  • Exploration of the potential contributions of Bayesian epistemology to the foundations of educational studies 
  • Testing models of inclusive school transformation
Lisa Hildebrandt
Associate Director
  • Organizational and program development
  • Project administration and finance
  • Human resources management
  • Information dissemination
James Thompson
Associate Director
  • Support needs assessment and planning
  • Social-ecological conceptualizations of disability
  • Problem-solving processes used by educators 
  • Implementation science


Jean Hall
Director, Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies
  • Health and health care policy for people with disabilities/chronic illnesses 
  • Program evaluation integrating quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Survey research
  • Independent living
Peggy Kemp
Technical Assistance Specialist
  • Learn the Signs, Act Early 
  • Kansas Inservice Training System
Jennifer Kurth
Associate Professor of Special Education
  • Methods of promoting positive outcomes for learners with extensive and pervasive support needs
  • Teacher preparation for inclusive education
  • Schoolwide systems to support learners with extensive and pervasive support needs
Kathleen Lane
Professor of Special Education and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-tiered (Ci3T) models of prevention
  • Systematic screening to information instruction 
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Low-intensity, teacher-delivered supports
Sheida Raley
Assistant Research Professor
  • Self-determination assessment and intervention
  • Strengths-based approaches to understanding disability 
  • Inclusive education
Sara Sack
Director of the Assistive Technology for Kansans Program
  • Maximizing services and supports for persons with disabilities and health conditions
  • Increasing health and independence through access to assistive technology
  • Identification and use of augmentative and alternative communication systems
  • Community-based research involving use of technology 
Kathleen Zimmerman
Assistant Professor of Special Education
  • Preventative and instructional interventions to promote engagement and decrease challenging behaviors for children with and at-risk for disabilities 
  • Coaching instructional staff to implement low-effort evidence-based interventions in inclusive settings
  • Observational measurement of child and adult behaviors in classrooms
  • Methodology and synthesis of single case research designs