David Lindeman, Ph.D.

David Lindeman
  • Site Director, Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities-Parsons Campus
  • Senior Scientist, Life Span Institute at Parsons

Contact Info

620-421-6550 ext. 1713
Parsons KUCDD Building
2601 Gabriel
Parsons, KS 67357-2341


Dr. Lindeman has over 30 years of experience in early childhood, special education, program evaluation, and university-based project development, implementation and management. He has directed a variety of grants including model demonstration projects, outreach training programs, in-service training programs for early intervention and preschool programs, training/TA for child care providers, and inclusion of children with disabilities into community programs. He has been the director or co-director of over 50 federal and state grants.


Ph.D. in Special Education, George Peabody College for Teacher of Vanderbilt University, 1982
M.A. in Special Education, George Peabody College for Teachers of Vanderbilt University, 1974
B.S. in Psychology, Milligan College, 1973


Areas of Interest

Early intervention for infants and preschool children at risk for or with developmental disabilities

Administration and provision of early intervention and preschool services in natural and least restrictive environments

Environmental and teaching strategies for early childhood settings

Personnel development/in service training and technical assistance

Awards & Honors

Excellence in Service, Special Purpose School, 1986 & 1987
Kansas Division for Early Childhood, Award of Excellence, 1999
Kansas Federation of the Council for Exceptional Children, Award of Excellence, 1999
Don Tullis Leadership Award, CLASS, Ltd., 2005
University of Kansas Leading Light Award, 2013
Kansas Division for Early Childhood, Award of Excellence, 2013