Project INSTRUCT: Inclusive Interdisciplinary Supports and Training for Positive, Rigorous Education and Communication Outcomes

Dole Building

Project INSTRUCT proposes to support an interdisciplinary personnel preparation program to provide a unique and rigorous set of experiences that will prepare special education teachers and speech-language pathologists to support the inclusion of students with intellectual and developmental disability and complex communication needs in general education classrooms, ensure their access to and progress in the general education curriculum, and their achievement of positive learning and developmental outcomes. By the end of the project, 20 scholars will earn a Master’s of Science in Education and endorsement in low-incidence special education, and 20 scholars will earn a Master’s of Arts in Speech-Language-Pathology.

Project details

  • Principle Investigator: Jennifer Kurth

  • Project start Date: 10/1/2020

  • Project finish Date: 9/30/2025




  • Office of Special Education Programs

  • Award Number: H325K200046