Strengthening Outcomes for All Learners in Inclusive Settings (SOARS)

Project Description


In this proposal, we argue that teacher preparation programs must reflect the unique skills and competencies of special educators working in inclusive settings. In our case, this reality is based on the need to transform current educational practices to ensure that students with low incidence disabilities (LID) have greater access to and engagement in general education settings. KU-SOARS proposes to support a teacher development program to provide a robust learning environment for scholars as they develop teaching and advocacy skills to transform existing often segregated services and apply high-quality inclusive practices for students with LID.


  • 2018-2022

Target Audience

  • Paraprofessionals (Paras)


  • US Department of Education

  • Award Number: H325K160141 - 20

Project Status

  • Completed



  • Jennifer Kurth, Ph. D.

    Principle Investigator (PI)

    Jennifer Kurth, Ph. D.